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Kondor on the Mary Piper (beta)
Issue 1, Story 1
John Wade Kondor Story 1

Joseph Wade Kondor is an atheist, a male Negro in his early 20s.  He appears in military fatigues of the desert campaign type, with a hat rather than a helmet.  He begins as a U. S. Army medic from an infantry unit, and will have a backpack, duffle, M-16 rifle, and a medikit.  There may be other things in the packs.
He begins with a frightened look on his face, apparently in close combat with an unseen opponent, firing his gun as a large object hits him. He is immediately in the dark, thinking.  "Not again.  Those jack-brassed army experimenters really did it to me--I wonder what this world is like."  "Hmmm...the floor seems to be rising and falling--must be a ship.  Guess I should be glad--a little bit to the left, I'd have been in the water."
He strikes a match.  We see crates; the name "Mary Piper" is visible in the glow, as he reaches into an army duffle bag.  "If I can find...yes, there it is...." The light changes to a flashlight, shining across boxes onto a wall with a sealed hatch.  It's modern, even futuristic.  "Metal and plastic--at least it's a modern ship.  I suppose I'll have to look around."
He steps out into a hallway, looking around. He gets a glimpse of someone crossing along another hall; quickly he ducks through an open hatch.
Finding himself in someone's sleeping quarters...  ...he opens a closet and pulls out some clothes...
...and pops back to the hall... ...back into the cargo hold...
"In this, maybe I won't stand out so much.  Hmmm...I've never seen anything quite like it.  I hope I haven't borrowed a woman's clothes--then I would stick out." He changes to the outfit.  "Well, at least it fits.  I must remember to leave them behind when I get blown out of this world--I don't want to steal them."
Back in the halls... ...he turns down a side corridor to avoid contact...
...finds the empty mess hall... ...and helps himself to some bread and fruit on a table...
...and returns to the cargo hold.

This is a civilian ship, so clothes of different crewmen will vary.  The crew is all male, mixed humans.  Their clothes have a futuristic cut.
Back in the halls again, he passes some other crewmen, with a friendly wave as he goes by... ...and he returns to the cargo hold with food again.
He passes someone else in the halls, who suddenly cries out, "Hey!"... "That's my shirt!"  Kondor looks startled.
Kondor runs up the hall... ...around a corner...
...and back into the cargo hold, panting.  "That was too close." "It's probably over.  Now they'll find me."
Security comes in through the portal.  "Don't move!" They take him out of the cargo hold.
"Officer Jamison.  Here is the stowaway--he was in the main cargo hold."

First Officer Jamison is black.
Jamison:  "Well, the captain will have to decide what to do with you; but as First Officer, I'll have to make a recommendation."  "I'm inclined to have you tossed overboard, but why don't you tell me why I shouldn't."  "How did you get here?" Kondor thinks:  'Actually, I was killed by a monster in another universe, and my body was ripped apart as it passed through the scriff, only to be reassembled in your cargo bay...but I don't think you'd believe that.'  says:  "A strange woman invited me to have a drink with her"  "and the next thing I knew "I was here"  "with my equipment."
"I've been trying to survive and figure out where I was ever since--I'm not sure how long." Jamison:  "So why didn't you come tell us this immediately?"  Kondor:  "To be honest, it's the kind of story I wouldn't believe myself."  "And let's face it--the stakes were rather high."
Jamison smiles. "Security!"
Guard enters.  "Take him in to the captain now." Wide doors open, showing captain's room past Kondor and guard.  Panoramic view of space is visible on opposite wall.  Jamison:  "I'm recommending we toss him out an airlock."
To be continued....

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