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Kondor In Security
Issue 3, Story 2
John Wade Kondor Story 2

As chapter two opens for Joseph Kondor...
Kondor is standing in the captain's room.  The starry sky is visible behind the captain, who is seated behind his desk.  Captain Johnson:  "So, Kondor, you had a drink with a stranger, and awoke in my cargo hold; and you’ve been hiding on my ship for days—and now you think I should believe this story, and just drop you off at the next port of call." Kondor:  thinks:  "Actually, I was killed in another world, and versed in--but I really didn't think you'd believe that."  says:  "Yes, sir--I'm sorry I didn't turn myself in, but I kind of panicked sir."
Captain:  "Sorry?  Sorry you got caught, I would say."  "Jamison thinks I should throw you overboard."  Kondor:  "Yes sir.  I was aware of that sir." Captain:  "Relax, Kondor--I'm not like that."  "Unfortunately, we've just entered the Greater Syndic--it might be a hundred days before we reach Durnmist."  "However, I'm ahead of schedule at the moment, and can afford to be generous."  "We're on the return trip of our trade loop--may be I can add you to the crew roster."  "What can you do?"
Kondor:  "Sir, I was a medic in an infantry unit, and won ribbons for marksmanship--"  "but I'm afraid on my world, neither our medicine nor our weaponry is as advanced as yours."  Captain:  "Well, since that's more likely to matter with medical than with combat,"  "I think we'll ask Mr. Balconsohn if he can use you in security." Target range.  Balconsohn:  "You're a decent shot, Kondor--and the captain says you've got combat experience."  "I'm sure the others will be glad to have an extra man to cover shift detail."
Kondor learning Mark VII Blaster, a kinetic rifle, with Bronski.  Balconsohn:  "Bronski will teach you how to use some of our weapons..." Kondor sitting at surveillance system with Davison.  Balconsohn:  "Davison, Walters, and MacDougal will help train you, to."
Kondor putting on space armor with Walters.  Balconsohn:  "For now you'll move around so that you spend time with each of us to learn the ropes." Kondor using electric sword with MacDougal.  Balconsohn:  "There's a lot to learn, but you've got some good skills already."
Weapons:  The sonic sword will always be just a handle—the adjustable blade is invisible.  It cannot function in the vacuum of space.  The electric sword is essentially two extended metal rods; when both hit the target, a powerful shock is delivered.  The electric stunner will not appear appreciably different—the distinction is that the current delivered is lower but of a controlled frequency which disrupts the nervous system.  Shocking Gloves have metallic surfaces; they cause a shock when both hands touch the target.  Let me know which one Kondor will learn.

We're going to have a pirate boarding scenario.  Here's how it will go down.  Davison was on duty, but didn’t see the pirates—they were in a small ship adrift in the wreckage of a destroyed cargo ship.  They closed and attached to the ship’s hull, and entered the airlock.  Kondor was asleep at the time.
Kondor in a bunk; Bronski standing next to him.  Bronski:  "Wake up, Kondor!"  "We've been boarded by pirates!" Kondor half dressed in space armor.  Bronski:  "Get kitted up and let's go."
Kondor running into hall.  Wearing space armor, with Mark VII on back, Stimson Laser Pistol on belt, Electric Sword on belt, a couple of fancy futuristic grenades on suit.  His M-16 is in his hands.  Bronski:  "This way!"
Mark VII Blaster (short kinetic rifle), Stimson Laser Pistol (electronic-looking—almost like a toy)

Concerning combat:  the ship’s security team, as mentioned, is five people plus Kondor; they’re supported by the deck hands, who are not as well armed or armored, five of them plus their chief of deck, who is an officer.  In addition to these 12 armed defenders of the ship, there will be four medics—but at least two will be in the medical unit at all times, and none of them are well armed.  A medic in the corridors will generally give minor first aid, and get anyone who needs serious attention back to medical.  On the other side, there should be about twenty to thirty pirates.  Although they also wear space armor, because they are planning to carry out whatever valuables they find, they carry only one weapon each—a mixed batch, they can all be different, if you like.  (Sonic, laser, and kinetic are the primary attack forms of weapons in use—sonic and kinetic are invisible forces; the sonics cut or burn, the kinetics generally are a blunt trauma, and the lasers cut and burn at the same time, but in a very narrow beam usually.)  No one wears helmets in the ship—it obscures vision.  The suits don’t cut, rip, tear, or burn, except in extraordinary circumstance—but the sonic weapons pass right through them without damaging the suit, doing tissue damage inside, and the suit is fully flexible, so affords no protection against kinetics.  The suits do protect against electricals; the electrical weapons would have to be used against the head, usually the hands would be uncovered (unless wearing shock gloves).

On the grenades, knockout grenades use high-frequency sound to stun; goo grenades release a sticky mass which secures the target; and energy grenades release a flash of light, high-energy photons which burn up everything within range—an "obliterative" weapon.  "Range" is a radius of about 30’ for knockouts, 10’ for the others.

In addition to the Stimson Laser Pistol and the Mark VII Kinetic Blaster, the other security people may be carrying a Stimson Laser Rifle (same idea, bigger), the Mark V Blaster (larger and louder than the Mark VII, but otherwise the same), and the Pyronics 2000, a bazooka-like sonic weapon which disintegrates flesh (but only fires once).
Crowd of security and deck people in hall.  Balconsohn:  "Bronski, take your crew down the port side; Walters, go starboard.  I'll go up the middle."  "We meet at the main airlock." Bronski's group (4, including Kondor) in fire fight with pirates in hall; pirates falling back.  Bronski:  "Davison--take Kondor straight through;"  "I'm going to hit the side rooms."
Kondor's thrown energy grenade destroying several pirates in hall. Davison and Kondor in close combat with hand-to-hand weapons.
Davison wounded, seated on floor by dead pirate; two pirates fleeing.  Davison:  "Go! Go!"  "I'll be alright." Kondor waving electric sword, chasing pirates toward main air lock; small grenade on floor.  Voice from side corridor:  "Look out for the Gren..."
Kondor diving out of blast area, clearly injured. Kondor on table in med bay.  Doctor Evans standing over him, to Robbins:  "I'm going to get some sleep."  "Call me if his condition changes at all."
To be continued....

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