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Welcome to the official Valdron/Multiverser forum, courtesy of our friends at Gaming Outpost.  Registration is necessary to post to this forum; we welcome your comments, and will answer questions as we are able.
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Forum goes here; if possible, stripes should be #bcfeff and #feedd6.
For reference, this is the alternate color.  This table would be deleted, and is only here for color reference.

The Multiverser Information Center:  The Experience

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Valdron invites you to participate in these other forums, courtesy of Gaming Outpost:

Alternate History, always of interest to Multiverser referees for ideas about what earth might be like in another universe.
Article Discussion, because from time to time one of our Multiverser authors shows up in the Gaming Outpost Articles Vault.
Critical Hit, a no-holds-barred discussion of issues in gaming.
Gaming Advocacy, discussing the relationships between the gaming industry and the rest of the world, and the official forum for The Escapist.
General Roleplaying, pretty self-explanatory.
Outpost Discussion, a forum for discussion about Gaming Outpost, its policies and programs.