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Martial Arts
Martial Arts Styles and Related Rules...

Martial Arts Style:  Chow En Lai
...for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(tm) in MyWorld.
...for Multiverser.
Chow En Lai 
Chow En Lai 
Powerful weapon attacks combine with strong defensive maneuvers to make this a popular choice for weapons. 
Body Part:
Hand & Arm
Damage by Base 4 Column
 Special Maneuvers:  10
Powerful weapon attacks combine with strong defensive maneuvers to make this a popular choice for weapons.  
Type of Style:
Fast Aggressive Weapon-dependent
Basic Attack Form:
Defensive Modifiers:
Attack Multiplier:
2 (Two)
Offensive Modifiers:
+20 sit-mod
Body Part:
Hand & Arm
Weapons Taught:
All Standard Oriental Martial Arts Weapons
 Special Maneuvers:  11
1 Weapon Catch Great Jump B5@6
1 Iron Fist Panoramic Awareness B7@2
1 Meditation (Missile Deflection) Fighting Blind B7@2
2 Weapon Breaker Solid Punch B7@3
2 Sticking Touch (M) Missile Escape B7@4
2 All-Around Sight Following Finger B7@4
3 Steel Cloth (HM) Muscle Blocking B7@4
4 Blind Fighting Seize Weapon B7@5
5 Leap (MHM) Break Weapon B7@5
5 Ironskin (MHHM) Improvised Cloth Weapon B7@6
Alert Rest B10@2
Basic Style gets double attacks and weapon +4 damage, but armor class is only -2.  Any weapon can be used. Basic Style gets double attacks and a +20 sit-mod, but no defensive adjustments.  Any weapon can be used.
Untitled can have up to four maneuvers.  Weapon Catch (1) can disarm an opponent.  Because of the d10 Iron Fist (1), which can be used for full attacks, this style is still effective disarmed.  Whether learned with the Meditation (1) or the Kensai/Shukenja variant Missile Deflection (1), the third maneuver does not affect duels.  One more maneuver may be known.  Weapon Breaker (2) is a more effective disarming tool.  Sticking Touch (2) is difficult to break and gives -2 AC, +2 to hit, making AC -4.  All-around Sight (2) rarely affects dueling. The Untitled can have up to five maneuvers.  These will almost always begin with the Great Jump, followed by Panoramic Awareness and Fighting Blind defensive heightened sensory awareness, and will usually add Solid Punch.  After that, there are quite a few which might be included, usually one of the defenses Missile Escape, Following Finger, or Muscle Blocking.
Master knows at least two, possibly all three, level 2 maneuvers. The Master will usually have all of those techniques under his belt, although sometimes one of the disarming techniques will be learned instead.
Honored Master must know Steel Cloth (3).  Except against large opponents, this weapon is not better than Iron Fist, doing d10/d12, but it can perform Weapon Catch and Weapon Breaker.  Blind Fighting (4) may also be known, reducing the penalties for darkness, blindness, or invisibility to -1 (from -4). The Honored Master usually learns at least one, possibly both, of the disarming techniques Seize Weapon and Break Weapon.
Most Honored Master knows all these and one more.  Leap (5) permits escape and change of position.  Iron Skin (5) improves AC by -2, making -4, or possibly -6 with Sticking Touch. The Most Honored Master almost always adds Improvised Cloth Weapon, making it simple to find a weapon at need.
Most Highly Honored Master knows all of these. The Most Highly Honored Master generally adds Alert Rest last to his abilities, a valuable skill for adventurers and students and others who cannot afford time for sleep, with little use in combat.
Overall the style has no maneuvers specifically designed to stun or disable, and none directed at limited field (ring competition) combat. Overall the style has no maneuvers specifically designed to stun or disable, and none directed at limited field (ring competition) combat.
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Index:  The introductory page to the material.

Introduction:  Gives an overview of the contents of the web site.

Creating a Martial Arts Style:  Describes the way styles are designed.

Attacks per Round/Attack Multipliers:  How frequently the martial artist may attack.

Learning Martial Arts:  Rules and training techniques.

Martial Arts Titles:  A MyWorld variant and Multiverser concept substituting for "belts".

Use of Multiple Styles:  How to change between styles within the game.

A for Special Maneuvers/Modifiers for Special Maneuver Attacks:  Clarification of how to use special attacks.

Special Maneuvers Summary:  The available maneuvers are listed with all information.

Stun and Incapacitate:  AD&D rules incorporate this into standard attacks; for Multiverser, this would be a separate skill.

Translating a Player Style:  Multiverser allows a player to bring his actual martial arts skills into the game through these rules.

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