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Martial Arts
Martial Arts Styles and Related Rules...

Martial Arts Style:  Weissgarten Variant
...for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(tm) in MyWorld.
...for Multiverser.
Weissgarten Variant
Weissgarten Variant
This style was developed under the rules of Multiverser, and as such does not comply with AD&D martial arts.
Body Part:
Special Maneuvers:
This style is suggested as a basic form only, combat training given to a technician in a fictitious Unified German army, a no-frills form of fisticuffs.
Type of Style:  Fast Aggressive Weapon-adverse
Basic Attack Form:  Punch
Defensive Modifiers:  -10SM
Attack Multiplier:  2
Offensive Modifiers:  +20 Dam Mod
Body Part:  Hand & Arm
Weapons Taught:  None
Special Maneuvers:  0
Basic Style Basic Style hits hard and fast, 2 attacks and +20 damage mod, with a -10 defensive sit-mod for protection.  No weapons are used.
Untitled  Because the practitioner never learned any maneuvers, no titles are appropriate within this style.
Overall Overall the style is weak, a stripped combat form which is good enough for bar fights but has no maneuvers.
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Index:  The introductory page to the material.

Introduction:  Gives an overview of the contents of the web site.

Creating a Martial Arts Style:  Describes the way styles are designed.

Attacks per Round/Attack Multipliers:  How frequently the martial artist may attack.

Learning Martial Arts:  Rules and training techniques.

Martial Arts Titles:  A MyWorld variant and Multiverser concept substituting for "belts".

Use of Multiple Styles:  How to change between styles within the game.

AC for Special Maneuvers/Modifiers for Special Maneuver Attacks:  Clarification of how to use special attacks.

Special Maneuvers Summary:  The available maneuvers are listed with all information.

Stun and Incapacitate:  AD&D rules incorporate this into standard attacks; for Multiverser, this would be a separate skill.

Translating a Player Style:  Multiverser allows a player to bring his actual martial arts skills into the game through these rules.

The Style Collection:  Our imaginary styles are offered for your use.

Other Links of Interest:  A collection of sites related to this material in one way or another.