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Martial Arts
Martial Arts Styles and Related Rules...

Martial Arts Style:  Mitzu Frenzy
...for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(tm) in MyWorld.
...for Multiverser.
Mitzu Frenzy
Mitzu Frenzy
This style was developed under Multiverser rules and published in Multiverser:  The Second Book of Worlds, so is not fully compatible with AD&D.
Body Part:
 Special Maneuvers: 
This very fast punch-based style combines a potent collection of maneuvers into a package that hits like a jackhammer.
Type of Style: 
Fast Aggressive Weapon-adverse
Basic Attack Form: 
Defensive Modifiers: 
-5 SM
Attack Multiplier: 
3 (Three)
Offensive Modifiers: 
+5SM +10 Dam Mod
Body Part: 
Hand & Arm
Weapons Taught: 
 Special Maneuvers:  5
Fake B7@2
Solid Punch B7@3
Power Punch B7@3
Stunning Strike B7@7
Blinding Strike B7@7
Basic Style  Basic Style is incredibly fast with modest bonuses on attacks and defense, moving in for rapid-fire punches.  Everything is done with the hands.
Untitled  The Untitled may know two maneuvers.  These will generally start with the Fake B7@2 tactical maneuver, and add one of the intensified damage punches, probably the Solid Punch B7@3 which hits twice as hard at only a modest attack penalty.
Master  The Master usually adds the other punch, the Power Punch, which doubles the damage again but limits the number of attacks possible in the minute.
Honored Master  The Honored Master adds one of the two nerve combat techniques.  The Stunning Strike B7@7 dazes and disorients an opponent for RS/20 minutes on a failed resistance check (simple/difficult/none).  The Blinding Strike B7@7 temporarily blinds an opponent for RS/20 minutes, again countered by a resistance check.  Both of these techniques are penalized for unfamiliar opponent anatomy.
Most Honored Master  The Most Honored Master is proficient in both of these attacks.
Overall  Overall the style runs into an opponent with quick delivery of powerful punches and disabling attacks, although it does not defend so well.  There are no disarming techniques, no limited field (ring competition) maneuvers, and no sensory training techniques.
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Index:  The introductory page to the material.

Introduction:  Gives an overview of the contents of the web site.

Creating a Martial Arts Style:  Describes the way styles are designed.

Attacks per Round/Attack Multipliers:  How frequently the martial artist may attack.

Learning Martial Arts:  Rules and training techniques.

Martial Arts Titles:  A MyWorld variant and Multiverser concept substituting for "belts".

Use of Multiple Styles:  How to change between styles within the game.

AC for Special Maneuvers/Modifiers for Special Maneuver Attacks:  Clarification of how to use special attacks.

Special Maneuvers Summary:  The available maneuvers are listed with all information.

Stun and Incapacitate:  AD&D rules incorporate this into standard attacks; for Multiverser, this would be a separate skill.

Translating a Player Style:  Multiverser allows a player to bring his actual martial arts skills into the game through these rules.

The Style Collection:  Our imaginary styles are offered for your use.

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