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Comic--control page

This page will be used to provide a table of contents/access link to all other pages.  It will be updated with each addendum to the comic.

Comic 1, Story 1:  Joseph Wade Kondor 1:  Kondor on the Mary Piper (beta)

Comic 1, Story 2:  Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings 1:  Lauren Hastings Enters Philadelphia

Comic 2, Story 1:  Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings 2:  Lauren Hastings Meets Father James

Comic 2, Story 2:  Robert Elvis Slade 1:  Robert Elvis Slade

Comic 3, Story 1:  Robert Elvis Slade 2:  Another Time, Another Place

Comic 3, Story 2:  Joseph Wade Kondor 2:  Kondor in Security